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Are you having problem with your face full of pimples and Acne? Feeling depressed?

Do you love chocolates... chocolate drinks, chocolate cakes, chocolate ice-creams...

If your answer is "YES!" , today is the day we’ve all been dreading.

Recent study shows chocolate causes acne!

The researchers showed that a single binge of chocolate increased the number of pimples by whopping 169% in a matter of days!

The Chocolate aggravates the immune response against acne bacteria which causes more inflammation at the skin and can also aggravate acne.

You are not alone! In fact, everyone goes through this stage in their lives. We end up hopping from product to product to clear acne, without seeing any significant or lasting results and finally end up battling acne for many years, with nothing but deep depressed scars to show for it.


The Amazing Acne Erasing Emulsion is an overnight remedy for many people who are suffering on acne and pimples on their face. This cream works wonders at night and wake up to a face with greatly reduced inflammation.

You will be able to see a great difference within a week after application in such a short time. Unlike most pimple creams in the market that dries your zits, The Acne Erasing Emulsion keeps your skin from dryness!

It is very easy application, there is no foul scent nor greasiness and can be applied on the entire face without clogging up your pores causing more inflammation!

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Don’t Know How To Get Over Acne? 

Follow the steps below on how you should apply The Acne Erasing Emulsion on your whole face, concentrate it on the area that is inflamed or on the acne itself.

Step 1 For day and night, wash face with a foam cleanser that is gentle to skin yet does not dry out your face. Make sure to wash your face and dry it with a towel.
Step 2Followed by a hydrating toner to balance my skin and make my face softer

Step 3Squeeze a small amount on your finger tip and then dap it onto the affected area, rub the serum gently in circular motion.

Just look at the difference within 5 days!


The Acne Erasing Emulsion is a brand new formula that utilizes three active ingredients as shown below to soothe red and inflamed skin, fight shine and blemishes, and clear spots.

ZINC PCA. Inhibits sebum secretion and significantly decreases sebum levels within a short period of time. Multi-layered liposomes encapsulate active ingredients to deliver moisture deep into the skin. Clears and balances uneven skin tone.

NIACINAMIDE. Reduces skin inflammation & redness. Clinically proven to improve moderate inflammatory acne. Also known as vitamin B3.

POTASSIUM AZELOYL DIGLYCINATE. Inhibits formation of comedones. Prevents pores from being blocked by dead skin cells, makeup and pollution. Destroys free radicals responsible for cell damage. Anti-bacterial component reduces risk of infection in follicle.

Not to mention Alpha Hydroxy Acid (aka AHA), a powerful exfoliant which helps bring new skin cells to the surface resulting in that gorgeous ‘glowy’ look